Jo Rose

Personal Information

Winchester contemporary fine artist, Jo Rose, splices ink, acrylic and oils as a direct visceral response to music and the energy of her surroundings. Each piece of music and landscape drives powerful feelings and guttural instincts, moving her to create shapes and patterns. The results: a riot of colour, tactile textures, fluid lines and impulsive shapes forming evocative landscapes and wild abstracts, which connect to tell a story, or provoke an intense emotional reaction. Nominated for the Henries Most Promising Artist award, and recent winner of Children’s Media Conference, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is, pitch award, Rose’s high-concept arts and lifestyle brand attracted licensing agents globally. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with Annie, BAFTA and WGGB Award nominated Screenwriters, Story Editors and Development Producers, along with King Rollo animation studios in the UK and GURU animation studios in Canada.

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